The Wisdom Project


We started off with a vision to revive the enthusiasm for arts and literary activities. The vision is to provide a digital platform to promote, voice, and disseminate artistic history of the Subcontinent and modern- day literary activates of the South Asia among the young talent.

In the rapidly changing world, we felt a need to digitalize and preserve literary and artistic traditions that are being marginalized.

Our goal is to build a community of individuals who are inquisitive and zealous to create an environment of learning and reviving forgotten aspects of arts and literature. By creating a community of likeminded people, we aim to keep the love of arts and literature alive.


The brand hankered to have a logo that is creative yet simple. The logo that is minimalistic in design but depicts innovation in its appearance is what desired by The Wisdom Project.


Keeping the brand’s vision in view, we designed a logo that portrays the aspects of creation and innovation in the modest manner. Each color in the logo carries an element of the brand’s aims, for instance Orange represents creativity, and blue is a symbol of wisdom, while the white background speaks for simplicity in the brand’s approach.